CleanIt App – Download Latest Version (UPDATED 2023)

CleanIt App is an innovative android cleaner that cleans the files without interrupting the device’s essential function.

Extensive use of the Android Smartphone creates too many files on your phone. You will not imagine how much junk your phone is storing in the background.

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Today, many web browsers use cookies to create fast-loading websites. Every website you visit will have its own cookies file, which gets saved on your phone. 

Also, some of the applications running in the background create an immense number of files every day. Over time the pile of these temporary files becomes huge and it will affect your device memory. 

It cleans the unwanted files, clears the junk folders, and boosts the device’s performance. After the cleaning is over, the device becomes faster and safer to use.

You will see the change in the browsing speed and app loading time after running the CleanIt App. It offers a safe, fast, and more efficient way to manage your Smartphone. 

What is CleanIt App?

Every Smartphone requires occasional maintenance. The CleanIt application provides you with automated tools to clean your phone without damaging the device’s core functionality. The application identifies the junk files and the background process slowing down your phone. 

Therefore, it is advisable to manage the phone with high efficiency. This App gives you an easy tool to clean unwanted files. It will boost the phone’s performance instantly by cleaning the junk files. 

Never experience overheating problems once you start using the CleanIt on your Smartphone device. The device reclaims the storage space and frees up the RAM from the ongoing process.

As a result, the motherboard will perform the tasks efficiently. Also, regular cleaning extends the life of the device.

Application Package Information

Application NameCleanIt App
File Size11 MB
Content Rating3+
Supported PlatformsAndroid, iOS, PC and Mac
Supported VersionAndroid 4.1 and Above



How to Download and Install CleanIt App?

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The CleanIt App is available to download on the android app store. Go to the google play store application and search for the name of the application. The search result will immediately show the available application. 

Find the install button on the right-hand side of the listing. Click install and let the device download and install the app on your phone. Soon the application will be downloaded, and the icon will be created on the phone. Start using the application as per your need.

How to Download and Install the CleanIt App for Android?

cleanit apk for android

Android Smartphone users should follow the below-given process to download and install the CleanIt application on their Smartphone.

  • Open the Google play store.
  • Search the application name “CleanIt” on your device.
  • Once the search result generates the listing, click the install and download the app button.
  • Launch the application and start using it.

CleanIt App for PC and Mac

The CleanIt application PC and Mac version come as different software and you can find them in the Microsoft App Store and Mac App Store.

How to get the CleanIt app for IOS?

Currently, the developer of the CleanIt App has not developed a fully functional version of the application for the IOS. It may get launched soon for apple users.

How to Use This Junk Files Cleaning Application?

The CleanIt App runs on the fundamental objectives of cleaning your phone and keeping everything fully functional. The efficiency of the application is excellent, and you will be able to experience significant change while using the device. 

Your phone runs smoothly. If you have a slow phone function problem, get this awesome smartphone cleaner App and clean the junk files.

After the cleaning is complete, you will see the data processing power of your device will get increased. Monitor the phone in real-time and get the RAM to optimize to perform better.

Unwanted files significantly affect the CPU performance of your device Therefore, the CleanIt application kills all the unwanted running programs and cleans the space for the necessary apps.

Besides the essential functions of the application, you will also have the option to track the unnecessary files with this app.

Moreover, the App scans the battery usage and ensures the device uses the power at an optimum level. As a result, the standby time will increase by halting all the background processes.

Once you install the CleanIt App on your device, It will automatically start the scanning procedure. So, the application will identify the junk files and show you a comprehensive report. Run the cleaning procedure to clean all the files.

Detailed Aspects of the App

The ultimate purpose of the CleanIt junk files cleaner App is to keep your smartphone clean and safe. After you start using the application, you will never experience a problem with your phone. 

CleatIt App manages the applications that produce unwanted junk files and it improves the performance of your device. Therefore, the slowness of your phone will go away

The app will clean the storage space allowing you to store more data on your phone.

When there are too many apps running too many processes in the background, It will significantly affect the RAM usage.

Many applications keep the background process running even when they are closed. So the effects of this cause a significant drop in the phone’s performance.

As a result, You will face troubles using when essential apps. Thus, CleanIt App makes room for each application and closes all the non-working applications from the phone.

CleanIt App Features

Here is the list of the top features CleanIt App offers to the users.

Junk files

The primary objective of the CleanIt application is to clean the junk files. Clean the junk files would give the application the required space and make the phone work smoothly.

Usually, all the temporary files get stored in your device storage, and therefore, the storage becomes more extensive, the phone’s performance drops significantly.

Battery saver

The CleanIt App stops the background process, which causes the battery to drain quickly. Soon you will experience extended battery power.

Memory Boost

The RAM cleaner function of the app will provide you with more support for fast processing memories. As a result, It will remove unnecessary processes and clear up the space for new applications.

App Manager

The CleanIt App manages the application installed on your phone so, you will have app management features such as Notifications, storage, memory usage, updates, and corrupt files and you can monitor all of these regularly to keep your phone up to date. 

Any application that causes damages to the phone process will be stopped immediately and notified to the owner in the final report to take the appropriate action.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to update the CleanIt App?

You will receive the latest update notification to the app dashboard and you can follow them to update the application

How to Download the CleaIt App for the laptop?

Please visit the respective app repository to get it. If you are using a Windows laptop, you can get it from the Windows App repository

How to Clean unwanted files with CleanIt Application?

First, you have to analyze your device with this application and then choose which files to clear

How to Speed up the device with CleanIt App?

Once you clean the unwanted junk files in your device, the device will perform better

What are the best features of the CleanIt App?

Battery saver, Junk file cleaner, device space management, memory booster are some of the mostly used features by the users.